Grand National - Lake

Grand National is built on 600-acre Lake Saughahatche, with 32 of the 54 holes draped along its filigreed shores. With 12 holes hugging the shore, Grand National's Lake Course is every bit as scenic as the Links. Grand National was ranked as the top public golf course in the 2009 Golf WorldReaders' Choice awards. The Links course was named by Golf Digest as the 2nd best new public course in America in 1993, followed by the Lake course as the 4th best. Both courses have also made the top 10 of Golf Digest's list of America's Top 50 Affordable Courses. The three courses at Grand National are also listed among the nation's 40 Super Value courses by Golf Digest's Places to Play.  It is easy to see that the Grand National Golf Club makes a perfect golf vacation package.

Golf There Rating: (5 stars)

Golf Digest Rating: (4.5 stars)