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California has been a popular tourist destination since the gold rush of 1849. Now, another rush of visitors look past the golden rocks twinkling in streams and to lush green fairways in a California golf vacation package. Like Hollywood, California golf courses are larger than life and include nature’s own special effects.

Your Golf There can create custom golf packages from the shores of famed Pebble Beach to the desert courses of Palm Springs. The world's largest golf travel business, Your Golf There can create the absolute best golf trip to "Cali".

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Indian Wells
Indian Wells Golf Resort, Indian Wells, California

Palm Springs, Monterrey (Pebble Beach) and California Golf Packages are a must play when visiting California. A leisurely two hour drive from Los Angeles and extremely reminiscent of Scottsdale, Palm Springs is home to just as many luxury golf courses but with more scenic mountains. Further south is the best golf in San Diego, where golf courses are a matter of city and regional pride. There are very few places that can make devout golfers long for their round to end, but with all the sightseeing, wine tasting, sport watching, sunbathing and scenic driving it may be a challenge. California, with all of its travel perks and value golf packages, has a climate that has thus far angered and offended all the Northeast. Book your California golf trip with Your Golf There today and discover what golf on the West Coast is all about.

Why book a California Golf Vacation Package?

  1. A Palm Springs golf vacation is unprecedented for its warm weather, pristine fairways and breathtaking views.
  2. PGA West is a course put on your to-do list, as well as visiting its poetry lounge.
  3. Indian Wells' forgiving, yet challenging, course is fit for golfers of all calibers.